Welcome everyone to coffeekit_muses 's first ever Musebox Event, The Coffee Kit Cafe!

The premise is pretty simple. The Coffekit Muses have gone and opened a Maid/Butler cafe for everyone's pleasure, so have your muses come in and enjoy the place! Now, this is a Maid/Butler cafe, but you're not limited to having your Muse be served by one of our beautiful Maids and handsome Butlers. You can even have your Muses interact with other members of the staff or explore other parts of the cafe as you see fit. You have free run of the place! (Well, almost) The Muse List for the event is below and you can check out which muse you want to play with. If there's anything unclear, you can just post your question in a comment below or you can just send me a message or an IM.

Just some guidelines and reminders:
  1. My (needs-to-be-updated) Muse List is here to give you a clearer idea on who's who. This Muse List lacks CafePrince!Antonio (principedecafe ) and fem!Prussia (weiss_teufelin ).
  2. Please put the name of the Muse you want to play with in your subject line when you respond to the post below.
  3. Please no molesting the staff. France this means you, lol. Friendly, chaste touches are okay, but if you want to go beyond the PG-level, you must create your own post.
  4. For more stuff on maid cafe culture and rules, here's more information.
  5. As most of you know, the Mun is busy with work, so she will be a bit slow during weekdays. She'll do her best to tag more on weekends, though.
  6. Prose and DR-style RP are both okay~ Whichever format you're comfortable with.
  7. Threadjacking is encouraged! Interact with other Muns through their Muses~ Have fun! 
  8. If you think you'd want to start your own thread somewhere aside from the post below (maybe it's getting too long, etc), please just notify me and we can go ahead and continue where you want.
  9. Again, if there are any questions, please just post them here or message or IM me.
Enjoy and welcome to the Coffee Kit Cafe!

(The Mun)


You're walking down the sidewalk on a hot, sunny day, bored with the monotony of your life. You pause by the stop sign and wait for the light to turn red so you can cross the street. You idly think about what awaits you--another day at work? School? Ugh, how boring--and just wish that you can just get away from it all.

Then you feel your pants (skirt?) being tugged on.

"Whu--" You look down and see--


A little boy with curly brown hair and bright green eyes has his small hand clasped on your pants' leg (skirt?) and he's smiling oh so cheerfully up at you. And are those cat ears and a tail??! Clearly, you must be dreaming. Or hallucinating. It's the sun, right? You've had too much sun. Right.

Your cute, cat-eared hallucination still isn't going away and he's tugging at your pants again.

"You like coffee and cake, yes?" He asks hopefully, tilting his adorable little head to the side as he continues to smilesmilesmile. Then he hands you a card that you have no choice but to take.

The card has a simple, yet elegant design in blacks, whites and pinks. It simply says "Coffee Kit Cafe" and there is an address and a phone number. You're distracted from examining the fine printing job done on the card (money doesn't seem to be a problem when it comes to promoting this Coffee Kit Cafe...) when your hallucination (who seems to be not at all a hallucination) speaks up again.

"Come visit us at the Coffee Kit~" He matches his sang out words with a little, cheerful wave and walks away, tail swinging behind him. You watch him as he walks down the street and meets up with...

A giant pink bunny.

"...Tonio~! Are you done, na no da?! Kuma-chan and Ryu-chan were getting worried~!"

No, it's a man in a bunny suit. A very cheerful man in a pink bunny suit. Who takes the catboy's hand in his and starts walking away with him. Or bouncing away, rather.

They disappear into the crowd and you blink.

The sun is still hot and high in the sky. It takes you a moment to realize that the light has turned green again and you've missed your opportunity to cross the street. Nice job, space cadet. You think to yourself. Spacing out in the middle of the street... Then you set yourself up for another few minutes to wait for the light to change, your hands absently slipping into your pockets. The effort isn't entirely successful. Your right hand stops midway down your pocket because you have something in your hand.

The card.

An invitation.

Will you take it?

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(no subject)

Who: Spain si_espana and England exrebelwithtea
What: A reunion of sorts
Where: HQ? Back home?
When: TBD
Why: Spain misses England like you won't believe.

It's a beautiful day in HQ. The sun is shining. Birds are chirping. The sky is clear and blue. It's a nice enough day for a walk and so it's no real surprise that Spain is outside in the grounds, taking advantage of the good weather. It's not too hot that he needs a hat so little beams of sunlight fall on his dark curls and tanned skin between leaves and greens as he makes his way around.

It's not just the good weather that makes Spain escape the comfortable, but strange confines of HQ. He also needs to distract himself from thoughts that he knows he shouldn't let himself sink into. It's more or less been a year since HQ has taken him and it's also been that long since he has seen or been with the one he loves. Well, HQ has a thing for doubles, so he has a seen a lot of him here, but of course it's not the same. It's never the same. And his most recent conversation with Prussia just so clearly reminds him of what he is missing, what he is so far away from.

He walks and feels the sunshine, hears the birds sing, sees well-maintained grounds. It's comfortable, but it's not home. And he's so far away.

How he wishes he could just go back home.

Arthur... I miss you...
fuck if I know

(no subject)

Who: Spain (si_espana) and South Italy (tomatoamor)
What: Fútbol Fútbol Fútbol!
Where: somewhere near Romano's home
When: Mid-Afternoon
Why: Because they can.

Hot days during the summer weren't uncommon at all. They were notorious for their inescapable heat and the siestas they incurred. Yet, they were also infamous for a number of other things: good food, stores that were closed until 4 or 5, and games. After a siesta, a game was always a good idea. It woke up the body and got a person ready for anything.

Romano, however, didn't have it in mind to play a game after such a nice siesta. He already had a plan for his day: breakfast, check on the garden, sell the ripe produce, go home, eat lunch, sleep. He had already completed the sleep part. Now he was moving into unplanned territory and, for once, he had no idea what to do. Romano walked outside, waiting for something interesting to catch his attention, something other than the cute girls across the street, or the pickpockets in plain sight. He kept walking until he reached an open piazza. It was where the local kids usually goofed around and today they did more of the same. The kids were kicking around a beaten, old soccer ball without a care. ...It did look like fun. More fun than walking around and watching his back, that was for sure.